The store is open

I declare the Richmond Knitters CafePress store is now open!

A few of you have expressed interest in buying ‘Richmond Knitters’ stuff. I hope I’ve covered all of your needs! If not, make a note of product/colour/style etc and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

p.s. I’m not charging any mark-up on any of the items in the store, I’m not making a penny out of it and nor do I want to! I hope you enjoy 😉


Robyn’s Day

The SweetiesToday our very dear friend Robyn is getting married. Despite the land and seas which divide us, we’re thinking of you Robyn (and Warrick). We hope you have the absolute best day ever, one that you’ll never forget.

The Magic of Noro

Having returned more actively to knitting I have also fallen in love (again) with Noro. The colour changes are mesmerizing and it also acts as an incentive to keep knitting to see just how and when the transition will occur. I haven’t braved a Noro garment yet (although I did for a toddler and that was fine). I am working on a Baktus variation at the moment and keen to try a few other wraps, shawls and blankets for the winter. The niggling elements of Noro, though still there (variation in thickness, random colours and knots) are well and truly eclipsed by the magic of the colour. That a yarn manufacturer can actually get away with random colours and knots in a skein and still have such an avid following is testament to the fact that they have hit on the winning formula – knitters will always swoon to colour and once swooning, are more likely to forgive other failings. That said, I haven’t yet found the mustard yellow length in my skein of green-blue Noro Silk Garden Sock and only one knot so far. If you haven’t tried Noro, give it a go for a scarf – maybe the Clapotis. You will love it!

Common ground

Our knitting group is made up of many different kinds of people. We have different jobs and different lives. Not everyone lives in Richmond… although I’m working on it. Somehow our passion for knitting and fibre bridges the gaps in our differences.

When designing the logo for the Richmond Knitters, I wanted to take in all the colour preferences that each of us have. Can you see yourself here?

The Conspiracy

We Knitters are a crafty bunch. When it comes to major events in ones life as a Richmond Knitter, you’re pretty much guaranteed there’s going to be some kind of knitting project attached*.

When Robyn announced her engagement last year (which was incredibly romantic and moving), I knew we knew that there would be nothing else for it but a wedding blanket. But it wasn’t until early this year that the scheming, plotting, secret meetings started occurring.

The first meet happened spontaneously (when I realised we had less than two months until the wedding… oops). We decided on yarn, colours and pattern. Teopea and Chris (or was it Chris and Teopea), completed their first squares in that session much to the shock of everyone else.

A few weeks had passed. Yarn and squares were being passed around on Monday nights before Robyn’s arrival to knit nite or dare-devilishly under the table in brown paper bags.

And then the secret sewing-up sessions occurred. Sweets and alcohol were consumed and we almost forgot about why we were there! Just kidding, I think everyone had a splendid time. I can’t think of a more pleasurably way to be sewing up a blanket other than in the company of friends with one goal. There was also no attached i-cord for the border this time (much to everyone’s relief), the blanket simply did not call for it. Chris took our blanket-making up a notch: she blocked the blanket. The finish was breath-taking!

Here are some WIP snaps and the final delivery to Robyn at her Kitchen Tea, with knitting, tea and sweets. Weddings are made for knitting.

The blankets keep getting better, so if you join the group now you’ll probably get an awesome blanket if you leave us, get married or have a baby*

* (Not a guarantee)

Returning to knitting

I have missed my regular Monday night get-togethers with the Richmond Knitters. The last 12 months have been crazy busy with work and as we all do from time to time, the ‘me time’ gets sacrificed. I was home sick last week and had some time to pick up a few WIPs. I returned to Ravelry, caught up on what my Rav friends were up to, and added a few patterns to the queue. I then delved in to the stack (yes, stack!) of storage containers, looked through the stash, organised my needles and generally immersed myself in all things knitting. I felt better for it. Time to re-prioritise and put the ‘me time’ back on top and hopefully return to Monday nights a little more regularly.

Knitting friends are the best because…

…they understand that there is more to life than wool. There’s cashmere and silk and angora and mohair and yak and camel and alpaca.

They also understand that there is more to life than knitting. There’s spinning and dyeing and weaving and crocheting.

Actually, knitting friends are just the absolute best.

Why it is good to be married to a knitter

1. Women feel guilty just sitting around doing nothing. I can quite happily fester on the couch all day watching the footy. Sonia can’t. So she knits. The good part about this is, if you need to take your wife to a MMA, WWE, or AFL match she has something she is completely happy doing. It probably won’t stretch to King St establishments, but is handy nonetheless. I no longer take my wife to the Footy anyway though, because I am a GOOD husband… So she can hang out with other spinners and knitters.

2. Lovely clothes and stuff to wear. What’s not to like about a good Fair Isle cardigan and vest twin set. I believe Sharon also makes her Leon a winter set each year.

Hey baby, I might not be the best looking guy here, but I am the only one talkin' to you!

3. Footy gear with street cred. Nothing screams “hard kore” like a hand knitted scarf. Score bonus points for a hand knitted stubby holder, although another woman knitted me that!

hopeful in 2012...

4. Footy gear that doubles up as a tension reducer in 2009 and 2010 grand finals

no flag? AGAIN?

5. What is it with women and guilt? Anytime I need a new camera, I prep the situation by encouraging Sonia to build on her stash. “you deserve it, honey” – that kind of thing. Once the purchase has been made, the post paypal feelings kick in. I make my move then and ask “should I buy that new XXXXX?, Sonia my lovely wife”… Sucka… A yarn enabled wife will always support her husband’s purchases if you use my patented technique.

6. In the case you are in a “starter marriage”, stash can be an effective bargaining tool in the settlement… “Oh, you want half the house?… OK, I want half your stash…”

I feel like I am cheating every time I partake of a cleansing ale from this delightful tool of cool.

The Scarf Project

The scarf project is a Richmond Knitters group project that came about late last year. It began with Teopea. She put the idea in my head by exclaiming, ‘we should make something for Tony’.

Tony is the owner/manager of Kojo Brown, where we have met every Monday night for over two years now. He puts up with a lot. The whining, the loudness, and letting us do whatever we want to do. Tony makes sure we are all happy and comfortable on Monday nights, and if something is amiss, he won’t hesitate to fix it. We love Tony!

So the idea bubbled away in my head, when I had the thought that perhaps we could all knit Tony a scarf. One scarf. Cast-on and pass the project around the table like a pass-the-parcel! Great idea right? Well it kind of got hot with summer and all, so the project has been put on the back burner somewhat.

So far to date we have 160cm done and with only a couple of balls left to knit, I estimate we’ll have Tony’s scarf ready for him by winter.

Thanks to Melanie for organising the purchase of the delicious Shelter yarn.


About time

The Richmond Knitters began meeting on Monday nights in Richmond, Melbourne almost 5 years ago. From humble beginnings the group has evolved into a thriving, inspiring and fun group to be apart of. Each new year brings change and new friendly faces.

My hope for this blog, is to in someway document all the great things and fun times the Richmond Knitters have.


Circa 2007

Recent times…