Knitting Resolutions

Happy 2014!

A solid plan

A solid plan

The changing of the calendar brings with it a chance to pause and reflect on the goals we want to achieve. Reflect on the successes of the previous years, the lessons learned from the challenges we faced and strategies to tackle them next time they appear.

Looking back – 2013 was a year of significant change in my life – moving from Brisbane to Melbourne and as a result becoming a fairly regular attendee of Richmond Knitters’. There’s something comforting about the sense of belonging to this group and being about to completely geek out over yarns, patterns and notions without being labelled a ‘suzy homemaker’ (or worse). Being welcomed into a friendly space to share our passion together is all kinds of awesome.┬áBut enough of that.

Looking forward – 2014 should be a far more stable year. There is time and space to set knitting goals – I’ve committed to making myself six large projects:

  • two shawls (including my first Mystery Knit-A-Long),
  • two cardigans
  • a pull-over top and
  • a pair of socks for Mr Redpen (my first socks!).

I’ve also made a resolution to only buy yarn for projects in my Ravelry queue and not blindly add to stash (with an exception to be made for Bendigo). I’d like to try new types of needles – metal or carbon and develop my continental knitting skills too.

Now that it’s in writing, it all seems very ambitious!

What resolutions (knitting or otherwise) have you made for 2014?


The Scarf Project

The scarf project is a Richmond Knitters group project that came about late last year. It began with Teopea. She put the idea in my head by exclaiming, ‘we should make something for Tony’.

Tony is the owner/manager of Kojo Brown, where we have met every Monday night for over two years now. He puts up with a lot. The whining, the loudness, and letting us do whatever we want to do. Tony makes sure we are all happy and comfortable on Monday nights, and if something is amiss, he won’t hesitate to fix it. We love Tony!

So the idea bubbled away in my head, when I had the thought that perhaps we could all knit Tony a scarf. One scarf. Cast-on and pass the project around the table like a pass-the-parcel! Great idea right? Well it kind of got hot with summer and all, so the project has been put on the back burner somewhat.

So far to date we have 160cm done and with only a couple of balls left to knit, I estimate we’ll have Tony’s scarf ready for him by winter.

Thanks to Melanie for organising the purchase of the delicious Shelter yarn.