Why it is good to be married to a knitter

1. Women feel guilty just sitting around doing nothing. I can quite happily fester on the couch all day watching the footy. Sonia can’t. So she knits. The good part about this is, if you need to take your wife to a MMA, WWE, or AFL match she has something she is completely happy doing. It probably won’t stretch to King St establishments, but is handy nonetheless. I no longer take my wife to the Footy anyway though, because I am a GOOD husband… So she can hang out with other spinners and knitters.

2. Lovely clothes and stuff to wear. What’s not to like about a good Fair Isle cardigan and vest twin set. I believe Sharon also makes her Leon a winter set each year.

Hey baby, I might not be the best looking guy here, but I am the only one talkin' to you!

3. Footy gear with street cred. Nothing screams “hard kore” like a hand knitted scarf. Score bonus points for a hand knitted stubby holder, although another woman knitted me that!

hopeful in 2012...

4. Footy gear that doubles up as a tension reducer in 2009 and 2010 grand finals

no flag? AGAIN?

5. What is it with women and guilt? Anytime I need a new camera, I prep the situation by encouraging Sonia to build on her stash. “you deserve it, honey” – that kind of thing. Once the purchase has been made, the post paypal feelings kick in. I make my move then and ask “should I buy that new XXXXX?, Sonia my lovely wife”… Sucka… A yarn enabled wife will always support her husband’s purchases if you use my patented technique.

6. In the case you are in a “starter marriage”, stash can be an effective bargaining tool in the settlement… “Oh, you want half the house?… OK, I want half your stash…”

I feel like I am cheating every time I partake of a cleansing ale from this delightful tool of cool.


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  1. Damo, you are an evil genius, but how do you know Sonia isn’t eviler or geniuser and doing reverse psycho-thingywhatsit on you? Hey?

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