Stash and Notions Audit

I have had a ‘clean up’ of the yarn stash on the ‘to do’ list since December. I did a big clean out of the stash and thought I had updated most on Ravelry. Turns out that I hadn’t really deleted everything I had donated to charity and kept adding to the stash without adding to Ravelry (that was just me deluding myself).

I took 2-3 nights and systematically checked things off the Ravelry stash printout and at the same time photographed and add what wasn’t on the list. I also frogged projects that had languished in pouches and bags over a number of years. Now I know when I look up ‘WIP’ on Ravelry, its 100% accurate.

The upshot of the spring clean is:

  • I have way too much sock yarn.
  • I have 8+ balls of a number of yarns that I should try and work into a larger project.
  • I have a number of single skeins that I should prioritise for single skein projects.
  • I have and endless supple of circulars, interchangeable and DPNS – sing out folks if anyone needs anything!

2016-03-06 16.25.12



One response

  1. Good job. It’s interesting to see the colour palette that you favour. Blankets are always a good stash buster and there are so many garter stitch shawl patterns out there at the moment that use up 2 or 3 skiens of sock yarn and make great gifts.
    I’ve been trying to sort mine out too. I donated a huge bag to Harry’s school art department They are doing weaving at the moment but always have a use for yarn. I’ve also been knitting up quite a few beanies and cowls to donate to charity.
    I’m trying to allocate all my Bendigo purchases to projects and have zip lock bags with yarn and pattern in so new projects are easy grab and go But I really do need to list all my stash on Ravelry (if I’d done it before Bendigo I doubt I’d have been able to justify buying more yarn!)

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