Stash and Notions Audit

I have had a ‘clean up’ of the yarn stash on the ‘to do’ list since December. I did a big clean out of the stash and thought I had updated most on Ravelry. Turns out that I hadn’t really deleted everything I had donated to charity and kept adding to the stash without adding to Ravelry (that was just me deluding myself).

I took 2-3 nights and systematically checked things off the Ravelry stash printout and at the same time photographed and add what wasn’t on the list. I also frogged projects that had languished in pouches and bags over a number of years. Now I know when I look up ‘WIP’ on Ravelry, its 100% accurate.

The upshot of the spring clean is:

  • I have way too much sock yarn.
  • I have 8+ balls of a number of yarns that I should try and work into a larger project.
  • I have a number of single skeins that I should prioritise for single skein projects.
  • I have and endless supple of circulars, interchangeable and DPNS – sing out folks if anyone needs anything!

2016-03-06 16.25.12