Yarn art in the city

Last weekend was White Night in Melbourne city. There were a number of cool things to go see around town when the sun went down, but I hate crowds so I didn’t venture in.IMG_2068That didn’t matter because some of the installations were still up around town during the week, and obviously I had to go check out this display of white lace.

The artist Annette Fitton, aka ‘Nini & Wink’. is responsible for the display of 21 trees. It was a solo undertaking. And then the mind boggles.


21 trees, (on Flinders St near Spring St) all with different, intricate lace designs.IMG_2070

IMG_2066All handknit, all by one person.


I was quite taken by this one.

Look more closely… IMG_2071

… those bobbly things… they’re nups, (pronounced noups, like soup). I bow down to Nini & Wink, truly stunning, and very fancy, sophisticated yarn art.


I wonder if she has some well-dressed trees at home?


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