When Knitting is Dangerous!

I have long been envious of my knitting friends who have the space to display their yarn in their living spaces. Quite apart from the visual appeal, its wonderful to sit in a living room and be able to review the stash and just be surrounded by ‘yarn fumes’. Sometime on Wednesday night between 7pm and 7:30pm I decided that I actually did have space in my apartment for a shelf. I was encouraged by a fellow knitter who pointed out that I didn’t need to display ALL my stash, even some would be better than none. Between 7:30pm and 7:40pm I found an appropriate shelving unit at IKEA and by 8pm Wednesday night I was walking into IKEA Richmond to buy myself a shelf. I ranged it out of the store, into the car, up three flights of stairs and then spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to decipher IKEA instructions. Finally sometime around 11pm the shelf was up and about of a third of the stash was in.

2015-06-03 22.10.18-1

I went to bed a bit sore but satisfied and planning a return trip the next evening for more shelves. By 7am Thursday morning I couldn’t lift anything with my left hand and by 4pm this was the revised picture of the first shelf.

2015-06-04 18.19.03

Diagnosis is a torn tendon. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I am not a person for a half done job. So… I posted a task to Airtasker (like AirBnB but for odd jobs) and by 11:30am Saturday someone had bought two more shelves, carried them up the three flights of stairs and assembled them and by 12noon Saturday I had two more shelves and ALL my stash on display. Now I can sit in agony and at least look at my stash!

2015-06-06 12.48.47 2015-06-06 12.48.55


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