The Conspiracy

We Knitters are a crafty bunch. When it comes to major events in ones life as a Richmond Knitter, you’re pretty much guaranteed there’s going to be some kind of knitting project attached*.

When Robyn announced her engagement last year (which was incredibly romantic and moving), I knew we knew that there would be nothing else for it but a wedding blanket. But it wasn’t until early this year that the scheming, plotting, secret meetings started occurring.

The first meet happened spontaneously (when I realised we had less than two months until the wedding… oops). We decided on yarn, colours and pattern. Teopea and Chris (or was it Chris and Teopea), completed their first squares in that session much to the shock of everyone else.

A few weeks had passed. Yarn and squares were being passed around on Monday nights before Robyn’s arrival to knit nite or dare-devilishly under the table in brown paper bags.

And then the secret sewing-up sessions occurred. Sweets and alcohol were consumed and we almost forgot about why we were there! Just kidding, I think everyone had a splendid time. I can’t think of a more pleasurably way to be sewing up a blanket other than in the company of friends with one goal. There was also no attached i-cord for the border this time (much to everyone’s relief), the blanket simply did not call for it. Chris took our blanket-making up a notch: she blocked the blanket. The finish was breath-taking!

Here are some WIP snaps and the final delivery to Robyn at her Kitchen Tea, with knitting, tea and sweets. Weddings are made for knitting.

The blankets keep getting better, so if you join the group now you’ll probably get an awesome blanket if you leave us, get married or have a baby*

* (Not a guarantee)


3 responses

  1. As much as part of me was hoping you were planning something for my farewell, I was relieved when there was no blanket – it would have been far too difficult to bring to London! and besides… you all just want to make sure i come back!
    but the gifts i did receive were lovely and practical 🙂 and the farewell was just as emotional!

  2. As the delighted receiver of The Blanket, all I can say is thank you all so much. I have always thought of myself as pretty observant, I am a scientist after all, but apparently not…I did not notice ANY of the sneaky behaviours detailed above! The Melbourne evenings are already getting cool and The Blanket is in service already.

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