Monster Madness

I came across the Rebecca Danger Pattern for ‘Monster Chunks‘ on Ravelry and fell in love with the little critters.  I looked through the 1500+ projects by others and came across Saraem’s project for her son’s 3rd birthday party and the stop motion video she made to go with it. I thought “Wouldn’t it be great to make these for my graduating year 12s!”. And so I did!

2013-09-23 21.22.04

Luckily I only have a class of 15 students!

The next step in the project was a stop motion video. Can’t wait to show the kids on their final day. Its not going to get the Golden Palm award at Cannes, but for a first effort, it’s not bad. It comprises 373 still images to make a 1:02 minutes long video.

Loads of fun to do and dead easy on the iPad! Another school holiday task done and dusted!



I’m not really a numbers person. The very basics I can do but beyond that it is well known that numbers and me don’t mix well. Numbers confuse me and today’s little stash re-arrangement is proof once again that the numbers just don’t make sense.

2013-09-24 20.51.13

I unpacked 12 tubs of yarn.

I catalogued 67 items on Ravelry (thanks to Sonia and her example!).

I listed 72,490 metres (OMG!) of yarn in my stash (fairly sure I have enough yarn to last me until I am 104!).

I packed up 8kg of yarn to donate to the Outback Baby Knitting Project.


I repacked 12 tubs of yarn!

How does that work? 12 tubs minus 8kg equals 12 tubs?!?!?!?!

The listing on Ravelry was exhausting but ultimately quite liberating. There is proof for the world to see that I don’t need any more yarn and shopping the stash has been made a whole lot easier! I did manage to destash some acrylic blend that I am sure will make an Outback baby very happy.  I also embarrassingly discovered that I had WAY MORE Wollmeise than I thought I had (bonus!), probably enough Noro for a blanket (Yay!), a few garments worth of Pear Tree from Bendigo a few years ago and a whole tub of single sock skeins.

Now… to browse Ravelry for projects!

2013-09-24 19.06.21

Cables and things

As far as knitting bucket lists go, cables were somewhere close to the top of the list along with entrelac. I think I had always assumed cable knitting was hard and confusing. It looks so impressive. After a long search for an iPad mini sleeve that could hold the iPad WITH a cover, I thought “Hey… I can make one!”

I found a pattern on Ravelry but it had cables and that freaked me out. That said, I thought I would give it a go. Ended up using about 30cm short of a ball of Jo Sharp Classic DK (it was in the stash so that was a bonus).



There is a tiny, little error in one of the cables (front instead of back). But overall I am happy with the result and am now starting to look for patterns with cables!