Richmond Knitters love crochet


For almost 10 years now, the Richmond Knitters group have gone by the name ‘Richmond Knitters’, but the people who come along are not just Knitters and we don’t just knit at knit night.

It surprises me when people think that we only Knit. While I was at The Craft Sessions retreat this year, I met someone who thought that Crocheters would not be welcome to our group, how insane does that sound?!

After further reflection, I can see it from their perspective. It’s in our name… I’d like to clear that up right here and now, that is simply not the case!

We are also a group of crocheters…

And sewists…

Weavers, spinners… and of course knitters.

We’ve even had a needleworker along. (Disclaimer: the lighting is not the brightest, but they do turn the lights up for us).

A few years ago, a couple of us took up spinning yarn and had a laugh about changing the group name to Richmond Spinners, but sanity prevailed, we can’t bring our wheels into the pub obviously…


What’s in a name? Do I/we need to consider changing ours to something else?

I hope not… I’m kind of attached.