The Magic of Noro

Having returned more actively to knitting I have also fallen in love (again) with Noro. The colour changes are mesmerizing and it also acts as an incentive to keep knitting to see just how and when the transition will occur. I haven’t braved a Noro garment yet (although I did for a toddler and that was fine). I am working on a Baktus variation at the moment and keen to try a few other wraps, shawls and blankets for the winter. The niggling elements of Noro, though still there (variation in thickness, random colours and knots) are well and truly eclipsed by the magic of the colour. That a yarn manufacturer can actually get away with random colours and knots in a skein and still have such an avid following is testament to the fact that they have hit on the winning formula – knitters will always swoon to colour and once swooning, are more likely to forgive other failings. That said, I haven’t yet found the mustard yellow length in my skein of green-blue Noro Silk Garden Sock and only one knot so far. If you haven’t tried Noro, give it a go for a scarf – maybe the Clapotis. You will love it!


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