A New Year of Knitting

I was reminded today, as I spent my second day at home sick, that it was 6 years ago when I had glandular fever that I learned to knit. I’ve blogged about that before. It was a soothing exercise then and still is – to the extent that messages and emails from colleagues have encouraged me to rest up, drink tea and knit! Trying not to think of work is much easier with a knitting project in hand and I started a new one yesterday just to keep my spirits up.

This striped child’s hat is my first foray into two colour knitting and after watching several YouTube videos I managed to find a technique that didn’t have me tangling my two balls of yarn.

2014-03-05 14.32.58

2014 has started with the usual craziness and the downside has definitely been missing my Monday night with Richmond Knitters. I think of you all every Monday, usually when I am leaving work at 7pm or still in a meeting around the same time. I hope things will settle down soon, freeing up Monday again for fun, laughter and friendship.


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