Superb little invention…

I have more than a lifetime of knitting to do, and am starting to worry already that the next 40 odd years won’t be long enough. Sadly, I also have a lot of reading to do for work that won’t wait another 40 or even 20 years when I am likely to have more time. In lamenting my plight I wondered if anyone else had ever faced the same problem – wanting to read but also wanting their hands free. While for the most part I go for eBooks to solve this problem, there are still some books that you just can’t get electronically.

Turning to the www I discovered ‘The Book Seat’. It is actually an Australian invention (good on us for being so ingenious!) and provides a mini beanbag that you can prop a book up in while at the same time leaving your hands free – in my case to knit. No more excuses now for not getting all those books read!

2014-03-22 22.28.28


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