A day in Harrogate (le Deux)

So, as Mel mentioned, I took a train up to Harrogate on Monday to see at least a little part of Yorkshire. Ever since I moved, Mel has insisted I go to Harrogate but when I knew that she was going to be able to show me round, I knew I had to wait till the very last minute!

I knitted on the train up, of course, and was met at the station by the lovely familiar face of Mel!

As she mentioned we had a great Afternoon tea at Betty’s Tea RoomsImage


And then wandered around the town. It’s so pretty! 


(ignore the roadworks in front) – This is the Royal pump rooms.



And the Old Swan Hotel, where Agatha Christie was discovered after being missing for 11 days. (if you watch Doctor Who you’ll know all about it!) 

Sadly, I was too busy diving into all the yarn to take photos in Baa Ram Ewe, so you’ll just have to enjoy Mel’s, but I loved it! I got some lovely Titus in Eccup, which is apparently named after a Reservoir. See what you learn going to a yarn store with a local! I shall be making Catkin, but Kate Davies. I eyed this off in Edinburgh, but couldn’t decide on a colour without an opinion, and knowing it was a Baa Ram Ewe yarn, I wanted to get it there!

So Mel and I headed to a pub (course) and I even had some beer, though it was Frulli, which is a fruit wheat beer, so not sure it counts in Mel’s eyes. But I also tasted some stouts and porters (ew) and the lovely bartender gave me some samples of some lighter beers on tap, one which I quite liked that smelt like passionfruit (not even joking) and one which I would VERY happily drink called Maisel’s Weisse. After a few drinks I talked Mel into fish and chips. And she led us merrily to a seafood restaurant she used to go to with her sons.



It was pretty epic, though I didn’t like the mushy peas (I tried them though!) Definitely one of the best fish and chips I’ve had in the UK (or ever really)

But the best thing? the entree – we both got the Prawn Cocktail and my goodness it was good! And adorable too!Image

So then we headed back to the train station where I got the lovely surprise of sharing a train with Mel to Leeds before we went our separate ways. I pretty much crashed out on the train back. It was such a lovely day, with a dear friend in a great town. You all need to go visit!!





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