Knitting Resolutions


I don’t make New Years resolutions around personal goals and achievements anymore, but I do aspire to ‘Knit better’ each year.

Knit more (is always at the top of my list), learn a new technique, knit from stash, knit from old stash and stash down. Well actually that last one is a lie. I don’t really try to stash down; but I try to do a stash cleanse now and again. Just ask the knitting group!

Last year I completed a couple of ‘Use It Or Lose It’ projects from ‘deep stash’. It resulted in 2 complete garments which I have been wearing and I’m very happy with. One project ended up on the ‘lose it’ pile. It’s been fun and I’ve just begun my next UIOLI project from some Jo Sharp cotton.

I’ve cast on for ‘Bloom’ by Georgie Hallam. It’s going to be a gorgeous little tunic/top for one of my nieces. The yarn was originally bought to make a cardigan for me (maybe 8 years ago, maybe longer), but I wasn’t feeling the love anymore. So when I thought about making this project for M; I thought it might be a good match. I’m not even worried about using the left-overs for some washcloths. Oh how I love using hand knitted wash cloths?! Most of mine have been given to me as gifts, so I need a few more.

My other Knit resolution is to learn Brioche stitch and to do some colour work that requires Steeking, eek! I’ve been inspired by Stephen West’s latest patterns which involve Brioche Stitch, I think the Askews Me Hat could be a good entry project into the Brioche world.

What are your Knit Resolutions?


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