Knitting party time

The Richmond Knitters for the last few years have celebrated the end of the year by going out for dinner on a Saturday night. This year was no exception.


Everyone brought their knitting… except me.










Once again there was a ‘Knitting’ Trivia contest. After receiving some feedback from last years quiz, I took a less studious approach. There was just one or 2 curly questions. In the end Christine came up with the goods and was the only one to know the answer to ‘What is Kate Davies Ravelry name’. Tricky indeed. 1st prize (won by Christine), was a Richmond Knitters tote bag and a skein of Vesper Yarns self-striping sock yarn in the exclusive colour way ‘Twinkle lights’. Catherine and Kris were equal second and each came away with a RK tote bag and a travel mug/ceramic mug.

For those who want to play along at home, here are the fill-in-the-gap questions:

1. Ysolda ——————, held a mystery knit along earlier this year called Follow your —————, there were —— possible different outcomes to the pattern.

Bronntanas ———, was the first pattern in Ysolda’s Knit—————— collection.

2. Kate Davies lives in ————————, her latest self-published book is titled —————. Her ravelry name is ————.

3. Wool People is the brain child of Jared —————, aka ————————— Tweed. The —th edition was launched last week. His 2 yarns are called Shelter and ————. Shelter is a ——————— weight yarn, whilst ———— is a ————————— weight yarn.

4. Ravelry was created by Jess and ————— and was in beta testing from 200—.

5. Louisa’s new baby’s name is —————   ————.

6. Yarn names:

——————— 220

————————— Jitterbug

———— Taiyo

Bendigo —————— Mills Cotton

Cleckheaton Superfine ——————

Baby —————————— by Debbie Bliss

Socks that ———— Lightweight by ———— Moon Fiber Arts

Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) by —————

——ooshy by Dream in colour

Zauber———— by Schoppel-Wolle

7. Who will get the most questions right? ——————————————————

Pretty easy huh? Until next year…

Happy New Year everyone!

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