SPOILERS: Follow your Arrow: Clue 1

For your viewing pleasure, here are all the shawls which made it along to knit night tonight. With Clue 2 just released things are going to get interesting!









I’m going to try really hard not to look at any spoilers to help me make my decision between 2a or 2b? It’s not really cheating is it?


On your marks…

… get set, GO!

Yarn choices were made, and then remade around the table at Richmond Knitters last night.


Lots of discussion around the pros and cons of using one colour or two.


Lots of oohing and ahh-ing happened. Chris couldn’t decide so she made the decision we all would have made, buy all the yarn…

IMG_1187 IMG_1188

Not long after arriving home from knit night, the first clue was released. It was exciting, far more than I had imagined. I’m beginning with Clue B, as soon as I stop procrastinating!


Are you knitting along? Progress shots next week!

World Wide Knit-along


If you haven’t heard of the ‘Follow your arrow’, Ysolda mystery knit-along, then you’re clearly not frequenting the right knitting group!

My number one resolution for the year was to not join any knit-alongs, whatsoever. Despite the fact that every (or almost every) Richmond Knitter (near or far, hello Melanie and Bee) is participating. After reading Kate’s blog this week, I’m weakening. With clues being released once a week, Sharon can only knit so far ahead… this appeals to me greatly.

So I went stash diving this morning on my Ravelry stash page, very handy to have your stash info handy in such circumstances. Turns out I only have 2 or 3 choices I can use for this project (stop laughing), without resorting to striping. I have 4 balls of Rowan Soft in green, or 10 balls of Bendigo Woolen Mills sock yarn in a grey marl. I guess I’d better get my yarn out to have a squish to help me decide.

Regardless of whether I do join this insanity, I’ll keep you updated on the group’s progress week by week, by way of photographs of WIPs on Monday nights, after all that’s part of the fun.