Blanket Love

It’s been a little quiet on the Richmond Knitters blog of late. That may have to do with things going on behind the scenes, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a busier start to the new year!

I can reveal now, that the Richmond Knitters have been working on a baby blanket for one of it’s members! In record time (less than a month) we’ve planned, crocheted, joined, blocked, bordered and wrapped a baby blanket for Jane, (not to forget the additional vest Katie made to match). I’m feeling rather chuffed and happy with the result. But more importantly, I adore everyone in our group for being so generous with their time and effort to bring this project to fruition. Truly awesome people, and I get to knit with them every Monday night, how lucky am I?

Without further ado, here are so photos of what we’ve been up to!





We can’t wait to meet our newest little member!