Farewell Melanie


With great sadness The Richmond Knitters farewelled Melanie (to go back home) on Monday night. It’s been quite a journey, although neither of us could tell you how long, we’ve been friends forever.

She is currently on a plane winging her way back home, so there can be no more tears… for now at least. It is the end of an era, as someone said to me on Monday night. I can’t really remember a time when Melanie didn’t come to the Richmond Knitters, maybe we didn’t exist before then.

It’s incredibly brave to move countries, (the selfish) part of me hoped it wasn’t going to happen, but I know it’s for the best. It’s not as if we won’t ever see each other again, or be in contact constantly or instantly, you have to love social media for that.

The first time I meet Melanie happened to be at another knitting group held in a yarn store. I thought she was wonderful (apparently I told her she was cool) and invited her along to RK. The rest is history. So many happy memories and gin and beer and good food. We’re going to miss you Melanie.



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