Happy End-of-year Dinner


It is a Richmond Knitters tradition to go out on a Saturday night in December to celebrate the year that was. To spice things up a little this year, I felt a Knitting Trivia contest was in order, we all know how competitive some Knitters can be!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this year, maybe a little too much, after all I didn’t have to answer the trivia questions that made a few knitters drop their stitches, let me tell you. I felt like a high school teacher who had just sprung an exam on her students at a moments notice!

The food was delicious and the company was lovely, a definite high-point to the end-of-the-year. I’m only sorry not everyone could be there last night, next time and perhaps we should do a Xmas in July… ohh that’s right we do… it’s called Bendigo…

Special thanks to Susanne for donating a lot of the prizes, and thanks to everyone for making the evening so memorable.

Here are the Trivia questions from the night, how would you have gone?

1. a. What year was Elizabeth Zimmermann born?
b. In what country was Elizabeth Z born?
c. What does EPS stand for?

2. a. What is the name of the man behind Brooklyn Tweed?
b. What are the names of the yarns he has manufactured?

3. a. Which pattern has the most projects on Ravelry?
b. What is the designers name?
c. How many projects are there?

4. What yarn is used in the most projects on Ravelry?

5. Which pattern is the odd one out? Damson, Amelie, Gretel, Coraline

6. What is the name of Ysolda’s elephant?

7. Who is the editor of interweave knits magazine?

8. a. What year was Richmond Knitters established?
b. Name the venues Richmond Knitters have met over the years?
c. How many people showed up to the first meet?

9. How many projects has Sharon knit so far this year, according to Ravelry?
How many cats does Sharon have?
What are their names?

10. At last count, how many metres of yarn does Sonia have?


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