A Knitter’s Journey

I have had time after de-stashing and finishing a few hibernating projects to reflect on my knitting journey. I taught myself to knit in 2008 while I had glandular fever. It was a particularly taxing virus as an adult and my doctor ordered me to sit and do nothing for two weeks. I assumed I’d get a lot of reading done but realised I didn’t have the brain power for that level of concentration. After watching most of ‘The West Wing’ box set, I found some knitting needles and yarn and looked up ‘How to knit’ on Youtube. It was perfect for my foggy brain. All I needed was to repeat the same four steps over and over and over again. And thus my knitting journey began.

I joined my friends at Richmond Knitters in March 2009. I turned up to my first meet-up with an almost finished crochet cot blanket. The group was FANTASTIC. Welcoming, friendly, genuinely interested in what everyone was working on. It was at the first meet-up that someone suggested I get on Ravelry.That was a game changer! All of a sudden my knitting universe expanded from Lincraft and Spotlight to the world. I was browsing projects and patterns, reading forum posts and engaging with fellow knitters all over the world. My recent de-stash will attest to the fact that I went a little yarn crazy at that point and bought … well… a lot of yarn without really any discernment. I am happy to say that some of the deep, deep stash has now gone to a worthy charity.
In 2009 I went to my first Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and felt like I had died and gone to yarn heaven. It was superb, made all the more wonderful by meeting up with my Richmond Knitter friends, browsing together, shopping together and having a great time immersed in all things yarn and fibre related. I was introduced to the world of knitting podcasts and now eagerly wait for the episodes to download – ‘Never Not Knitting’, ‘2 Knit Lit Chicks’, ‘Stash and Burn’, ‘The Yarniacs’ and ‘Craftlit’ to name a few.
Somewhere between then and now I graduated from straight needles to circulars and double pointed needles. I learned to knit socks and shawl, increase, decrease, bind off and block. I have knitted with wool, silk, alpaca, cotton and various combinations thereof. I have listed 90 completed projects on Ravelry, acquired 72,000 metres of yarn in my stash, met up with knitters in Jerusalem I met on Ravelry, and become part of a great community of yarn enthusiasts.
I stumbled into knitting entirely by chance and am grateful everyday that I did. The next stage of the journey will no doubt involve more learning with the continuing support of my knitting friends.

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  1. Hi I just stumbled on to your blog, its very entertaining. Are you in Richmond in Melbourne?. I have been trying to find a knitting group for ages.



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