My ‘love/hate’ relationship with Jitterbug

I have finished Howlcat with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (Black) and Jitterbug (October Afternoon). Would probably choose different colours (ie not black) the next time. While I reconciled myself to the welt like stripes on my fingers when I was knitting, I was convinced that a good rinse or two would resolve the bleeding of Jitterbug. I washed it 11 times and it was still giving some colour. Have given up getting a clear rinse from that. Will try washing future skeins and the old vinegar trick. I love the way Jitterbug knits up. Its still my favourite of the sock yarns I have knit so far… BUT… the colour issue remains a challenge.


I’m down to 3 WIPs – two blankets and a pair of socks. Resisting the urge to cast on again. Need to find a patterns that I love!


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  1. Oh Jitterbug, you are such a heart breaker! I have several skeins of it in my stash, I’m hoping I’ll have better luck with it. The vinegar wash (and a quick nuke in the microwave) should help?

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