How word gets around

Sitting around the table on Monday night, I was about to divulge about a weekend online purchase; someone pipes up and guesses ‘Wollmeise 8ply’, they were wrong of course. My response… ‘there’s Wollmeise 8ply?!’ Of course everyone was shocked that I didn’t know this piece of information, don’t ask me why! So now you know too, apparently Wollmeise comes in 8ply, you don’t have to thank me 🙂


5 responses

  1. aha! The label says: Verhext und verratzt which roughly translates to ‘Bewitched and verratzt’. So this must be a ‘guinea pig’ colourway before the actual colourway?! Sorry I love this one and won’t part with it… unless of course you have a crazy multi colourway to entice it out of my hands…

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