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My first CafePress order arrived this week in time for my birthday. I’m now fully kitted out, so there can be no mistake about which SnB I frequent. I got a variety of items, so that I could judge the quality of the items before / if anyone else chose to buy from the store. I also like stuff with my knitting group’s logo on it!

When placing my order for a gi-normous mug, my dear husband said wouldn’t you like two? So you can have one for home and one for work? I do love his thoughtfulness at these times.

I love this hoody, it is light-weight and comfy and could possibly come to the gym with me in the chilly mornings of winter we’ve got coming up.

I also teamed up the pink logo, with the pink 3/4 sleeved top. I hope you all like pink! You do have a choice of other colours in the sleeves, but the logo is currently the one pictured for this top.

My most favourite item of all I think is the tote bag (badges sold separately). It is a good heavyweight canvas, perfect for carting things to knit night!

If there’s an item you want to see in the store that’s not there, I’m taking special requests. Make sure you check out the sizing guidelines for each of the clothing items if you’re going for a T-shirt etc, the sizing might vary from the sizing you’re used to. I’m bringing these things to knit night tonight, if you want to check things out.


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  1. LOVE the whole lot! If you have time, I’d love to get a maternity t-shirt (I’m shaped that way!) with either the grey/blue or purple/green girl on it, AND I’m definitely getting the big fat mug too!

    So clever Sonia! Thanks for all your hard work 😀

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