There, I’ve said it. Just the mention of the name of this regional Victorian town still ignites excitement in me five years on. I dwell on Bendigo like I dwell on Christmas or my ehm-hem, birthday.

For the uninitiated ‘Bendigo’, is the premier Sheep and Wool Show of the year. It’s the Aussie’s version of Rhinebeck (probably on a smaller scale, but I can’t be sure of that… I’ve never had a holiday based on a fibre festival… yet) The show is held in July at The Prince of Wales Showgrounds, Bendigo each year. For the fibre-obsessed, you really can’t miss it.

There are sheep, lots and lots. There is yarn, miles of it. Fibre, so much you can’t see for the fumes. It has everything, well most things (I’m trying to talk it up here). Despite all these amazing things, which should be reason enough to make you want to attend, my favourite things about the show, in order of bestestness.

1. The Storeholders/fibre farmers: They are passionate people, they are passionate about what you’re passionate about. And they want to talk to you, lots.

2. The Sheep Dog Trials: Call me juvenile, but I find these hil-ari-ous-ly funny and fascinating to watch at the same time.

3. The Storeholders (once again): This is me blissed out spinning on the Majacraft stand, whilst engaging with the maker of my future wheel. I could have stayed all day, and they wouldn’t have minded, not one bit.

4. Catching up with friends you don’t get to see all year round: With the yarn fumes this is really fun. You’re dizzy, happy and relaxed and the squeeing goes on and on (you have to be there to appreciate that).

5. The fibre and yarn is pretty good too. This goes without saying. I arrive on the first day each year, because I’m afraid the best stuff will go first. This isn’t necessarily true, just don’t come between me and the yarn/fibre I have my eye on…

So why am I telling you all this? It’s only April! Preparation, people, preparation! Which day/s are you going? Are you day-tripping, staying overnight or all weekend? What’s your budget? What are you looking out for?

Luckily this only happens once a year…


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  1. Matt saw that photo and asked “Is that Sonia grinning manically in her natural habitat?” I haven’t planned anything for Bendigo yet other than moderation. Really. Honest.

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